Take it Home and Eat it Fresh

Pea shoots, tasting just like baby peas, but with far higher nutrient value.

What makes fresh so much better? Well, the flavour is the first thing that comes to mind. Nothing like having your food picked within minutes of it being on your plate. That because you take it home to harvest as you wish.

Microgreens are a simple, nutritious, easy addition to any menu. Taken home live, they are fresh, and crisp. Full of flavour, and often many times more nutritious than the mature plant.

Growing microgreens at home is a great project for kids, because they can quickly go from seed to harvest, often within a few day.  We been told that the kids will snack from the packet of microgreens.

Greens mix including Curly Peppercress and Jade Gem.

Different from sprouts, microgreens are harvested from the media up, leaving the root and seed behind. Our microgreens are usually no more than 7-9 days old when they come to market, truly the peak of flavour.

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